About the project

Cooking with Blood and Honey is a project that explores the complex relationship between conflict and food.

Project organizers

The seeds of this project was sown in 2007, when Danica Anderson and Eugene Ahn worked together in the field for the first time. They spent time with war survivors in Bosnia and facilitated a number of engagements including storytelling, cooking, eating, and yoga. Since then, the two have collaborated on a number of projects, all related to the significant role of food in identifying and healing traumas caused by violence. The idea for sharing this work with the world through a website came about after a work session in Los Angeles, California. After a few months, this website was launched, on Thanksgiving Day 2011.

Danica Anderson

Danica Anderson applies her expertise as a trauma counselor and forensic psychotherapist in some of the world's most notorious modern-day conflicts. Her approach is a unique blend of somatic psychology therapeutics and war crimes investigative procedure that simultaneously introduces healing to victims of violence while collecting timely data on war crimes perpetrators. Since 1997, she has worked internationally on behalf of the United Nations, the UN World Food Programme, and the International Criminal Court. More recently, she was part of a privately organized relief mission in Haiti, and she declined an assignment to work with victims of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in Japan because of the danger of radiation exposure. As founder and executive director of Kolo: Women's Cross-Cultural Collaboration, she promotes empowerment practices grounded in ancient South Slavic matriarchal traditions so that modern female victims of war and horrific trauma can learn to heal themselves. The titles of her forthcoming books include Blood and Honey: The Secret Stories of South Slavic Women War Crimes and War Survivors and Biosemiotics - Blood and Honey Icons: South Slavic Pedagogy for Coffee and Tea Readings. She lives in Olympia, Washington.

Eugene Ahn

Project participants

The Cooking with Blood and Honey project invites participants who are interested in contributing recipes, sharing stories, testing recipes, holding cookouts, hosting dinners, or other food-centric activities that celebrate what we call the cuisine of resilience. Our growing circle of activity and engagement is intended to be an expression of solidarity against violence.

To get involved, email either Danica or Eugene.