Domaca Kafa (South Slavic Coffee)

To make South Slavic coffee, you will need one and one half demitasse cups of boiling water, one heaping teaspoon of extra fine ground coffee, and one teaspoon of sugar.

The traditional way to make South Slavic coffee is in a jesva, or funnel-topped pot found in European, Arabic, or Turkish stores. Place water in a brass, silver, or copper jesva. Add sugar to one and one half demitasse cups of water. Let the water and sugar come to a roiling boil. Remove from heat and add coffee. Let the coffee foam to the top of the funnel and quickly remove from heat. Repeat this three times to ensure good coffee and to encourage good moisture to enrich your otherwise parched life. Holding the jesva high over the cup, pour the coffee; bring the jesva down as you pour so that a light, foamy frost forms. Serve. Do not stir or add cream.