Koljivo (Sweet Wheat Porridge)

The following recipe is for a dish called koljivo. It is best to use all organic ingredients that come from within 150 miles of your residence.

1 pound wheat grain
1 tablespoon pure vanilla
1 pound sugar
2 tablespoons rum
1 pound walnuts, ground
cup water

Take 2 rounded tablespoons of sugar and ground walnuts to set aside for the topping of the Koljivo.

Cook wheat in clear water over medium heat. Add your blessings and mantras to the water and boiling process by singing or speaking them aloud. Change the water several times during the boiling process and replace it with cold water. Once wheat is cooked, drain completely and place it on a clean cloth to dry. Grind the wheat. As you grind the wheat express your gratitude and what you love.

Mix wheat, sugar, walnuts, vanilla, and rum. Add water until mixture is moist but not wet. Place the mixture on a beautiful serving platter and shape it into a kolo, a round Moist Mother Earth form. Decorate with the sugar and walnuts that were set aside. Serve this on ritual occasions requiring honor, respect and grace.