Bosanski Lonac (Lamb Pot Roast)

Bosanski Lonac (Lonac is cauldron and or pot in Serbo-Croatian)

2 pounds White Northern Beans or 4 pounds lamb cut in pieces (organic, from within 150 miles of residence)
1 green pepper cut in large pieces
5 large yellow potatoes
2 hot chili peppers
1 head of cabbage cut into 8 pieces
3 tomatoes
3 carrots cut in one-inch pieces
1 pound string beans
1 stalk celery, diced
2 heads of garlic, unpeeled
salt to taste
30 peppercorns
fresh lemon juice and water

Select a lonac (stewing kettle or cauldron, which abound in Bosnia) that can contain the layering of the food stuff as follows:

Put lamb pieces as one layer and vegetables as another until no more ingredients remain. This culinary action represents the Bogumile-Green Men legends, which are connected by themes of dismemberment and connecting the pieces of fragmented lives into one family.

Add the fresh lemon juice and water to the lonac, covering the ingredients with two inches of water. Seal with an airtight lid, or alternatively, use a pressure cooker pot. If no sealed lid is available, seal with aluminum foil and do not open until done. Shake the lonac like you would popcorn every 15 minutes to prevent burning. Cook over low to medium heat for at least 2 hours.