Grilled El Capitan Fish - Congo

The International Criminal Court field liaison officer boasts of his El Capitan dish. Our compound is housed next to the UN Blue Helmets and had a huge avocado tree. Daily I would ask him to pick the avocados and to take me to the local market for tomatoes and onions to make salsa. Finally, I was allowed to go to the local market with him but cautioned against taking pictures. The meager market indicated the extreme poverty and despair but still had a few goats, fish, and a handful of spices next to bananas.

Steamed in banana leaves over a cook stove, grilled or large cooking pot filled with boiling water.
Salt coats the fish on the skin and inside cavity after soaking in a salt and water solution for an hour. Large onions, at least 20 cloves of garlic, sweet green peppers, at least 2 tablespoons of garam masala and tamarind powder according to your taste.
First grill the Perch in oil for an outside crust but not to cook the inside. Remove and place in banana leaves.
Mix the onions, tomatoes, green pepper and whatever spices that the Congolese had on hand and simmer into a sauce. Place sauce in banana leaves with fish and steam until done.
Served with Mouamba ngagi made from palm fruit. The palm fruit is boiled and squeezed for its juice.